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Hello there,

My name is Mike, I’m 27 from West London, due to take my Mod 2 on Thursday with Terry at Motorcycle Training London. A new outfit with straight forward instruction that emphasizes rider skill over just etiquette for the sake of it.

Been meaning to get my license for years now but a combination of a s**t wage and no free time (Army, 5 years) meant that I kept putting it off. Finally got things going, hoping to pass on Thursday but have already budgeted for a retest next month, so sooner or later I will be getting my license.

Might post this again nearer the time, but I’ve got my little heart set on a 2007+ VFR 800, (cherry red with gold wheels). Now, I keep getting told that this is an old mans bike and the fella at Chiswick Honda thinks I’d be mad to take that over a CBR600F. My reasoning: a sports tourer will have excellent ergonomics, a V4 gives plenty of low end torque, which is handy as I envision riding like a little girl crawling around everywhere in 1st, and I really like the idea of lineage, a succession of refined and perfected models rather than constantly throwing the baby out with the bath water and endlessly redesigning from the ground up - a personal quirk of mine. Plus they sound better, which is of course very important.

So internet I ask you, would a CRB600F (2008 onwards) excel in any of these areas?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Mike & welcome… & good luck with the test :slight_smile:

Hey bud and welcome to the site!

Terry is well known on here (If you didn’t know)

But me-groovey may be able to shed some light on those bikes as I believe between him and his other half they have them both.

Or maybe its a 750 vfr… I don’t know but im sure he’l be along soon!


Howdy! I’ve got the 750, not the 800 which I’ll tell you is the better vfr until I’m blue in the face :stuck_out_tongue: your choice though!
In terms of city riding, the cbr is a little bit lighter and more nimble really. With the VFR, you’ll rarely leave 1st gear at all as you say but if you’re going to be out and about at the weekend or doing large mileage then I’d go with the vfr every time. if you’re only using it for commuting or for an hour or 2 at the weekends then I’d opt for the cbr, it’s a revvy little beast that loves having it’s legs stretched.


I Have a (Superior :wink: 2006 A6 VFR800 Cherry red with silver wheels going up for sale if your interested. 16,000 miles, open to offers…

Hi and welcome!


Thanks for the warm welcome!

I passed this morning! Woo hoo! 3 minors for “progression”, going to slow, very uncharacteristic of me lol. A huge relief, I’m now able to plan ahead to getting my bike - FINALLY!

Still leaning towards the VFR800 over the CBR600F however I will wait until I’ve ridden both before judging. I thought I’d want a CBR600RR but 30 seconds just sitting on the thing was enough to rule it out! Looks great and probably rides great too - if you’re under 4ft tall…

Thank again for the warm reception, I’ll be around.

you should check out bang2rights bike, it’s in great condition.

Well done on passing the test, Now take it steady and don’t rush to get experience the hard way…Good luck. my '97 VFR750 was an awesome allrounder

Welcome and Congrats :slight_smile:

Hello and well done, I too got moaned at for going slow…hey ho pass is a pass :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome, I’ve only been riding 2year, got straight onto a VFR800 non vtec, it’s a great all rounder, only had a few electrical problems but you get that on a lot of bikes I’ve been told.
Well done on the test.