Hi all

Finally got around to introducing myself. My name is James I’m from SE London and I currently ride a k5 gixxer 750.

I met bazzacasa along with a few other members at brands hatch at the end of May and as everyone seemed cool and were nice enough to invite me into the pit they were all sharing and generally made me feel included throughout the day (as was there on my jack jones!) lol.

Looking forward to coming along to some of the meets and hopefully meeting at a few more trackdays!


Hi James and welcome to LB:D

Hi James, welcome to LB. I was also at the TD, on the black 750. Hope to see you out soon.

hi :smiley:

Hi Blimsa,

welcome, im quite new too but met some great LB’s at Ace today(thanks guys) im in SE London too so if you fancy a ride out let me know.


Hi James, & welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB!

welcome m8, another se london here, lol


Welcome to LB.

As well as doing various track days with LBers join some of the ride outs. Can be good fun. See you around :). I don’t know how far Blackheath Tea Hut is from you but there is a meet every Wednesday there. If the weather is shite don’t expect a great turnout though lol.

Thanks for the welcomes :slight_smile: Good to know there are a few local to me up for a ride hopefully on a decent weekend. Blackheath is not to far, although I usually work Wednesdays, if the weather is looking good I will definatly try to shift things around to make it! Am looking forward to a rideout event, I see that a few people go around the Hartfield area, which is where I usually ride along with surrounding areas due to living that way a few years back I know some decent roads/pubs that way. Be good to join in there or even show people decent riding routes that way if unfamiliar with the area :wink:

The meets on Wednesday are usually from 7pm - 11ishpm. People just come and go. If you ride past and see a few bikes Wednesday evening its most probably Lbers so feel free to pull over and say hello.

You can keep an eye out on ride outs in this section - http://londonbikers.com/forums/biking-experiences/ride-outs,-meets-events. Feel free to host some rides too. :).

Hi, welcome to LB James, must admit you did meet a great bunch down at Brands:)