Hi all

Just thought i would pop my head in and say hello (well as i am the new boy would be rude not to!!!)

Looks a good forum so i thought it was time to join up.

My name is Si and i currently have a CBR1000rr8, i probably know a few from this forum via other forums and the odd trackday.

Hi welcome to LB:D

hi and welcome to LB

Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

thanks chaps

Welcome to LB Si :smiley:


Welcome to LB!!!

:):slight_smile: Hi And Welcome To LB :hehe::hehe:

hi si, welcome aboard.:slight_smile:

welcome aboard

Hello and welcome!

Pic of your bike?

This is how she was

and this is how she looks now…

Welcome to LB.

Stunning bike :slight_smile:

Thanks, am going through a bit of a bike crisis at the moment. I cant decide whether to sell this one and get a Blackbird or not

hi and welcome, newbie myself.

Well if you track it then there is no point of getting a Blackbird.