Hi all!

Hi all!

Lurked for a long time, and finally decided it was long past the time I should sign on the dotted line and join up here. :slight_smile:

Based in Ash Vale (think Aldershot/Farnborough/Camberley), work a little further down the M3 and commute on a ratty old CBR6 (but not often by riding down the M3 :wink:

I’m an old git, and have ridden for donkeys years. For some reason I’ve never quite understood, I’ve always stuck to Mr. Honda’s machines in one form or another.


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Thanks very much mate. Good to be here properly at last :smiley:

Hello and welcome,

Sometimes get down your way, Blackbushe Airfield Cafe does a nice brekkie and the lovely Deepcut Bends not too far away :smiley:

Oh and you cant beat a Honda :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi to you all - and thanks for the warm welcomes :slight_smile:

Sounds like you know my local area quite well Trisckie - I’m often passing (or more likely in) the Blackbushe airfield cafe, and the Deepcut bends are scary fun :smiley:

Hi & welcome to LB:)


Thanks Rob and d3xta :slight_smile:


Welcome to Londonbikers!

Please come down to Borough Market SE1 where we meet every Wednesday and get yaself down to one of our monthly newbie meets at the Ace Cafe, first monday of every month.

We’re having our Christmas Party on 19th Decemeber - details to follow


Welcome sbp, you will be quite surprised how many of us are actually in the same area as you. I’m in Bracknell along with a couple more and there are members from Camberley, Reading.

Good to see you on here i hope you enjoy the ride;)

Hello and welcome…:slight_smile: