Hi All

Sorry for pissing you guys off from the start. Live in Herts commute to London every day and own a lovely GSR600 (Silver)

Hope you guys can forgive me for all the frustration caused :w00t:

Welcome to the site and thanks for apologising for the bad start even though it was more your friend than you.

You will find that we are a very friendly community on here (and we’re not all T022ers as Rich mentioned), so feel free to contribute to the site and come along to our rideouts. I can’t promise that we won’t see a diesel spill or two on the rideout but I’m sure you will cope :wink:

Welcome to LB - fresh start eh?! :smiley:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Where in Herts and what do ya ride? :wink:

Oops!! just reread what you ride :blush:

welcome (properly) to LB :smiley:

lol - now now Grim! :hehe:


I’m near Letchworth… Don’t know if any of you guys live up my way… Any of you guys know a good website to buy Givi stuff??


Yes, what a busy morning! So what bike do you own Alex?

Street triple, until I grow up. Ideal for the commuting. Light, good power/torque for its class. Puts a smile on my face and makes me look forward to the journey in… :smiley:

I’ve heard they are great fun!! They look the business too

I’m near South Mimms, there’s a few up your way though :wink:

Does that include me ? :w00t::D:D:P

welcome to Lb mate Im not far from you in Beds but there are a few Herts riff raff on here ya knows :smiley:

Thanks mate, when it gets warmer we should arrange to meet up somewhere… don’t know how many people live our way but I suppose its worth a try to see how many we can mobilise

Try 1st line motorcycles, arnos grove - very good prices

Hi and welcome aboard.

no sh1t! I live in hitchin! there’s a mate of mine on here who’s in baldock too

hello and welcome