Hi all

Been looking about the site for a while now so thought best to sign up. I have been riding for quite some years now and have an array of junk bikes in me shed hopefully one day will have a reliable bike so I can come on one of your rideouts. Quite keen on the stunting side of motorbiking but am starting off with baby steps so its just the odd bunnyhop at the mo. Hopefully see you around soon at one of your meets maybe you will see me on my round, tell you what first LB’r to flag me down can have a 99 with sherbert dip:D:) might even throw in a flake.:wink:

welcome mate…can I have strawberry sauce on mine ? :smiley:

wouldnt you rather have some creamy dream tooping queenie?!:stuck_out_tongue:

hello and welcome

hi ya ,welcome to lb.what area you from mate,intrested in a 99:D

Hello mate, welcome to LB

I’m a london lad, raised around the Old Compton Street area, do you know it?

shurrup ya old slapper !! :D:Dand its TOPPING :slight_smile:

welcome to LB:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

I`ll have a large 99 with a flake please, no sauce.


Welcome to LB :smiley:

Screwball for me please :smooooth:


welcome to lb

welcome Cornetto


Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile: Oooo icecream yum

Welcome to LB Mate :slight_smile:

Give JasonB a shout, he’s into bunny hops :wink:

Are you related to the famous GP rider? :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB

Hi Terry mate! 99 with a flake please! :wink:

I was wondering if there was a lonely hearts on this forum, It seems like a lifetime since I’ve been intimate with another man;):w00t: