Hi all.

Thought I would come and say hi. I am totally new to biking. My children are all grown up and Mum (that’s me) is free to have some fun. I have done the CBT thing and passed the Theory on Thursday :smiley: Yippee. Now I’m waiting for an email from the dealer to say they have the new Yamaha YBR custom in stock. Its due in in early June but they can’t say when. So feeling frustrated with waiting. I love the look of this little bike and am a bit of a short Ar** so am limited to a low seat. I thought this would be a good one to start out with. Well hi all am looking forward to getting to know you all.

Regards Niffer

Hi and welcome to LB. Everyone has to start somewhere with bikes. Make sure you pop up to the newbie meet sometime :smiley:

Hi and welcome

I have a ybr125 too and they are great first bike, specially riding around london town . So when is your test booked for ?

Thanks all for the welcome.

No test booked yet. The plan is to get that little YBR first, get a little experience and book it as soon as I can afford to get some training to polish the skills i’ve learnt, hopefully to perfection. Not sure it’s the right way to do things but it’s the best plan I have. Have any of you had a look at the new Custom YBR on Yamaha’s web site it looks very different to the standard YBR and is fortunately an inch shorter which will make all the difference to my stumpy legs :hehe: On a more serious note I am really looking forward to having my own transport and not having to rely on hubby to drive me in the car whenever I want to get out. It’s gonna be great I can’t wait.

Thanks Niffer

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome to the madhouse



Welcome to LB x


Enjoy your biking…:smiley:

Welcome to Londonbikers and Congrats on passing your test.

the Artist

Thanks for the welcome everyone. I have been so naughty today I went shopping for a helmet. I have had so much trouble finding one I liked within budget :Whistling: Sooo I might have over spent a little :Whistling: But I got what I wanted and am really pleased with my Arai SZ/F It’s so comfortable I could wear it to bed. So I’ve got the Armoured Jacket, decent boots and now the lid is sitting waiting, all I need is the dealer to CONTACT ME PLEASE and tell me the bike’s in. :frowning: All this waiting is agony I’m not known for my patience, can you tell :hehe:

Welcome to LB, hope the bike turns up soon!

Welcome to LB :slight_smile: