Hi all

Another new joiner to the growing brood of london bikers - hello!

Looking to book my DAS course in the next couple of months and have Motag in Crstal Palace and Advantage in Wimbledon on my shortlist.

Anyone out there with experience of either school for DAS courses?

As background info, I did my CBT at Motag and found them to be appropriate but not woo-hoo. I have had and ridden my 125 for the last 6 months.

A big hello to everyone out there! Another newbie joined the community. Thanks to LB member Day release who introduced me to this site, I ride a Suzuki Bandit and look forward to meeting other bikers soon.:smiley:

hello and welcome to both of you


Welcome to LB mate… Santa ? :smiley:

Alright Lovie!

Welcome to Londonbikers :smiley: