Hi all!

Hi there everyone,

Guess I should have made this post a while ago - but thought I’d better hurry up as I may be popping down to the Ace newbie meet tonight with the wife on the back! Signed up a while ago but have been off the bike (CB500S) for the last few months due to a back op (not bike-induced I’m glad to say).

Still - better in time for summer eh! :wink:

I’m a BAB - started on a Honda CB175K6 in my youth, then moved on to Bonnies, but got car-borne in the late 70s. Returned as you do at mid-life crisis time thinking I’d get it out of my system but instead remembered what I’d been missing, and for the last couple of years been commuting up to London daily from Northolt, and converted the other half from skeptic to enthusiastic pillion :slight_smile: Now contemplating my first tour abroad!

Hope to meet a few of you later on - will be there early as can’t stay long, got to go home and feed the kids (sigh)


ps and yes I DO play netball (when not crocked!)

welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB!

Netball?? Get away with you! :smiley:

Heythere, I’m not too far in Harrow, you may have past me on my SV before now, I go through there every day to work! I’ll wave next time!