Hi all!

Hi all,

Found out about u guys from ‘inforthethrills’ aka rana, and she says u are all a helpful bunch so figured i’d join up and make use of u all and if i can i will return the favour.

I’m actually a stafford girl at the moment, working as a motorcycle technician for the last 3 yrs or so.

I’m riding very occasionally on the road on my aprilia rs 125 ( never have the time or weather to get out on her) and I’ve just started racing an r6. says alot for my state of mind i know!

Cheers all! x

Pippy J!
welcome to a very friendly group of people…

are you going out on the 125 today?
think i need to buy a van so we can meet up with the bikes more regularly… or getting you coming down here when we have ride outs!


hi and welcome

you defo have to make rideout

or at least wensday bbm

see u soon:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and Welcome, now get on your bike and ride the dam thing:D

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Coolest 125 around aren’t they? (don’t tell your mate I said that :wink: )

Get riding :smiley:

Hello and Welcome twist It:)

Your R6 was mentioned by “Rhino” :wink: the other day, good to have you aboard.

There are quite a few racers on here so you are in good company. Let us know all about your experiences on and off the track:)

Priller stinkwheels are top fun eh? Get out on it more i say;)

hi and welcome

i hope you are not also a nutter, i can see her coming round soon to take the van

hi there and welcome to LB,

Hello! :slight_smile:

Hello and warm Welcome to LB.