Hi all...

I’m a newbie and proud! After 17 years (on and off) on a scoot, finally got myself an SV650S to scare myself on for the next year or so. Commuting is better on a bigger bike, and I love the options it gives me to head out of London, as well as into it.

I’m looking forward to next month’s newbie meet at the Ace Cafe - I just hope you’re all as friendly as you seem!

Anyway, attached is a picture of my new pride and joy… my face is a mixture of “What the hell have I done?” and “I love you”.

Safe riding!



Hi Ben!

Welcome to Londonbikers! Hope to see you at a meet soon!


Welcome to LB dude!!

Like the bike!

Welcome Bro

Think its a good choce of bike . . . they’re very forgiving, look good & sound great with the right can

Good looking bike and welcome to LB, hope see you soon at a meet.

hiya nice bike and welcome to LB

Hi, welcome to the forum

Welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to the site!!!

Thanks everyone.

I’ll see you on Wednesday, probably!