hI all....

Hi all my names Champion… So Let me tell you a bit about me…i’m an cancerian, fourth sign of the zodiac…the symble of the crab…I know my values, which is my bike…I dislike income tax demands…and I like to have a laugh…have a drink of <IMG class=image height=100 alt=cupoftea1.jpg src=“http://freedigitalphotos.net/albums/userpics/10001/thumb_cupoftea1.jpg” border=0 ?> on me… last one washes the cup…

Hello Champion & welcome to LB

No washing up for me

Hi and welcome aboard.

No washing up for me, i`ve got a dishwasher.

Hi and welcome

is that Coffee or tea, I only drink Coffee


All the best matey, have fun here you will.

Keep it rubber side down.


Welcome and another thing wash ur own fking cup, I broke mine and aint payin for it

Heheh, welcome to LB! A fellow cancarian, I like it. Photos of your bike please!

Hi and welcome to LB

So your a laffin crab that values tea and dont like to tax your bike.

Righto then,

that is just a little to tell bout yourself.


Hey Champion.

Nice to see you over here, gotta catch you on a rideout!

Damn, I hope I aint the last one… “looks at cup”

i dont mind loading the dishwasher hey champion

Hi all…

I’ve been busy for a few days and I’ve just managed to sign in again…Thanks for the welcome all, I feel at home already… P.s… I can provide plastic cups… Happy Days!!!