Hi all

Keep coming across people from this forum so decided to sign up.

I ride a Daytona 675 and you may know me from MCN, Bike and Triumph675 sites (I post as Suffolknwhat on 675)

Hello there,

welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



He He! The classic User name! Welcome! Post pics of the bike in the members bike gallery! Andrew will be along later to tell you he had a 675 that looked as good as that…

…until he started thinking about women and promptly dropped it on a bend…

Sorry Andrew - I’m only pulling your leg!

Once again welcome!



Helloooo from a fellow newb … it’s rather nice here, I think you’ll like it!!

Thanks for the welcome, Sorry don’t know how to post image on the site so here’s one from my flickr account.

Damn that didn’t work. Help anyone.

love the name. there’s a firm of estate agents called Norfolk & Goode if I remember rightly.

oh, and welcome!

Hey norfolknchance, welcome to LB! Great bike you have, I loved riding Andrew’s round Silverstone this summer. I’ve fixed your picture, I hope that’s the one you wanted to show.

Hope to see you at our Cubana meet!

Glad you made it across from MCN.

Another MCN refugee. You up for a ride out to Fish Hill on the 17th from Dunstable. I’ve posted it on MCN.

Was told about this site on the last ride-out from Dunstable…and nothing much seems to happen from MCN.

Can’t make the 17th…are you up for BSB to Brands on the 1st October???




Ah Salee, the girl who rides behind male riders and ogles their behinds. The piles are fine thanks.

welcome to the site

Howdy …welcome aboard !!

norfolknchance, thought I recognised that name… am also on MCN (but it bored me after a while)

Welcome to LB and I will also be off to BSB brands on the 1st.

Oi…keep it quiet the old man will be home from sea soon.!..LOL

glad to hear you are well