Hi All

Hi All,

Just thought as is customary to introduce myself here before launching into the rest of the board.

Im Russ, Just moved down from Aberdeen to Ealing and trying to find my feet in terms of good roads and dealers for servicing.

Currently have two bikes, a triumph sprint as a work horse and a Ducati 749 as a play thing, at the moment Im thinking of taking the Duc off the road for use as a track day bike, so i expect i will be spending a bit of time in the track day section looking for new mates.

I look forward to meeting a few of you, as through the winter i generally get a beer head on.

Thanks for reading


PS card is behind the bar, help yourself

HI there,

Welcome to LB!!

poke poke poke with our newbie stick!

Try and get down to Cubana tonight or if you dont know where it is Ginger is doing a guide from the ace cafe which is around the corner from ealing



Oi watch where you are putting that stick

Doubt I will be around tonight, as Im up to my armpits in glassfiber and resin after a little low side at Cadwell last Monday.

I am just around the corner from the Ace so I will make the effort soon.


if you tell them everyone will want a poke in the same place…

Welcome, my name is not Dave.

Hi and welcome to the LBs, sit down and have fun

Who told you that

Hello and welcome…

What is going on at the moment … this board is getting taking over by us Jocks !

Welcome mate, you’ll enjoy it with this lot, top bunch and quite a few of them are Track Day loonies, so plenty of peeps to speak too.

Welcome to LB mate, whats really good?
Post up some picx of the duke in the members gallery

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Ill have a glass of milk thanks… Da Artist

Ah ha, not a Jock mate, was an englishman in exile, oil you see

Cheers for all the welcomes, yeah will get some piccies up at some point, but its looking a bit sad at the moment, a case of broken plastics and grond down bar end and footpeg, luckily its only the track fairings.

Welcome to LB mate.

Beer head…well you,ll have to look no further than Charlie…and Im normally standing next to him while hes beerheading it too !!

have fun and seeya soon at one of the meets or rides.

Hiya and welcome neighbour… what colours the Sprint I may well see you on my travels?

Its green, and shabby looking, will be starting a commute to guilford on it next week so keep your eye out and give me a nod

The voices in my head,

Hey Russ, welcome to LB! Post up some pictures in the Pictures forum for us! Hope to see you at Cubana next week! You join the ranks of a few trackday nuts as well