hi all

hello everone, im sam

i own a kwak zxr250 1989 (eighteenanahalf fousand revs) crotch rocket/heap

i used to have a street fightered xj600n with a speedfight fairing amogst other mods and other various okish bikes

and i’m reppin north london

heres an exotic, slightly dirty pic of my bike with some of its clothes off


oh and this is my boy che’

start em young… thats what i say


ok i am gonna be very girlie for a second and go aaaaawww…

but welcome to the LB… glad to have you here…

and now i’ll have that mojito please…



hehehehe, start um young, great pic. Welcome to LB Sam, mines a JD on the rocks please

Hiya bud, welcome to the madhouse.

welcome to LB matey…

Hi Sam… Welcome to LB… Enjoy the ride!!!

If only Dianese did baby clothes… Ahhhh cute…

Hey cafefighter, welcome to LB! Very cute shot of the toddler in your jacket! Where’s the lower half of your fairing gone?


that was a fairly early photo of my son he’s eight an half months now

as for my kwak i got her 3 months ago for £400 and shes desparate for a service, i think its going to need the

rad off when i do the plugs. thats why my fairings in the green house… and its dirty as sin

i doubt the engine has 4000 miles left init and when it does let go i want to stick a different engine in (er5, gs550, xr 650 or maybe tdm900)

Ello Sam, welcome to LB

i had an amazingly good blat in’t country today

it felt like summer is here again

i was chasing a mate of mine on his yzf750 and he was mullering me!!!

Quality Picture…Lovely.

welcome to LB, cute picture

Hello and welcome to the LB forum.