Hi all

Morning all,

Thought I’d say hi - keep meaning to take a pic with my bike but still not got round to it. I’ve found this a really great forum. I moved out of London to Herts/Essex border in January this year - I’d fancied a big bike for years (had a 125 Varadero at university) and it pushed me over the edge. I picked up an ex-demo NC750X and been commuting into Westminster ever since, pretty much all weathers - put 16k miles on it since then, the miles really rack up (80 mile round trip). Most of my time on the bike, however, has been spent trying to navigate Upper Thames St… hope to make a meet during the week at some point.


welcome to LB! nice workhorse you’ve got there

Hi and welcome.

Ride safe


Welcome mate. NC750X is a good choice, several on the forum have them and at least one has fallen off one. Hope you don`t replicate his incapacitance.

Welcome Michael!

Thanks all - hope not to replicate that! It is definitely a workhorse but wife has been won over to a second bike in the next few years - suspect the new triumph scrambler/T100 - but I’ll keep the NC for the commute. Never going back to getting the train in - however cold it gets!

Welcome from another Herts eloper


Watch the ULEZ news as youre coming into London. There’s a couple of recent threads.