Hi all (yet another newbie)

Morning all

Just joined and me thinks there are some farmiliar faces here

Anyways Hi Yall

Hi - and welcome to LB

Welcome to the forum


Hi folks

Nice to feel welcome

Mentoring, thats a good idea, bin riding (bikes that is) fo over 20 years so if i can help I will

Hey slidypete, welcome to LB! Feel free to post up some snaps of your ride(s) in the Pictures forum…

welcome to lb.pete,

Hello and welcome…

Hi and welcome to LBs


Welcome aboard

Welcome to the site

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks folks, nice to feel welcome

So how do I post a pick of me ride’s then folks?? Bit pooter illeterate me

oh no… not YOU!!!

Bet you other half looks like Debbie Magee and your best mate is Jimmy Fireblade!

Hello stranger

Ooooooooooooooooooooo there’s a nice welcome lol

Hows it hanging then dude


hello and welcome matey!!!