HI all newbie scooter stunter

Hi All,

Im a newbie to this forum as im usually on scooter forums as thats what i ride and stunt. The names JJ and i live in east london hackney. Been riding my bike legally for nearly 3 years and im addicted to hairdryers now.

I ride a 51 plate gilera runner 125 originally. Now has a 172 malossi kit, 25ml carb, crank, lightened magneto anda pm59 exhaust. Also converted my handle bars to renthals with a koso digital clock. and also changed the front forks to a race set, malossi rs32’s costing over £400, and the rear a rs24 at £200. with alot more mods includign a wheelie bar so heres my pic of her.

i also stunt my bike which my local spot would be enfeild usually but not anymore as its been shut down due to speed bumps and im at the ace usually aswell but not since its been cold. here a quick snap at 12.

oh yeah heres a couple vids aswell.






hiya jj, havin fun there?

Hi and welcome aboard.
Nice Runner.

hello and welcome

Nice lid, matches the bike. :smiley:

Welcome to LB JJ

thanks for the comments, helmet does indeed match officers usually dont like the tint as its so dark also. Will soon have a red jumper with me name all over it to ride with rather than my mates AFL fleestyle one.

hey JJ!

we meet again!:D:P ggod to see ya on LB dude…Welcome!

Lads got skills…:cool:

Nice job on the scoot, I gather you like RED then!

alright dude,

welcome to LB nice stunts.

Hi there and welcome, top skills ! :smiley:

Nice stunts - respect! :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB!

Welcome to LB! Nice photos… That’s quite a lot invested in a scoot.

welcome to lb