Hi All.... Newbie here with R6

Hi all,

I passed my bike test just under a month ago and ever since have been looking for a Yamaha R6… Well yesterday i found one…

Only done 9k and full service history. I’m looking forward to going to a few meets and maybe meeting up with some of you.

Going to J&S Accessiores this weekend to get the full gear

Hi and welcome Adam very nice bike well done for getting the full gear Mate just make sure you take it easy on your new bike thats one farst bike you’ve got! You could try BabyJ at Infinity at Great Portland Street, 0870 89 10 410<script language=javascript></script> Opening Times: 9.00 - 6.00 Mon - Saturday,10.00 - 4.00 Sunday he’ll sort you out with a discount Mate

Hey Adam welcome, great bike we have one too !

Congrats on passing your test and the lovely new ride AdamR6

Welcome to LB

poke, poke n SMACK with da newbie stick

Welcome, Adam, have fun with your new toy.

And don’t worry about J&S, CM can provide you with the P.A.N.T.S. (Protection Against Newbie Thumping Stick) cos Da Artist and AbbeyJ will be along with a souped up stick to poke you with. See 'em coming, just RUN! (or if you’ve got your keys handy, get on that speedy bike!)

Hey Adam! Welcome to LB. Smart bike you have there, very clean. Welcome to biking, and our community! Come along to our regular Newbie Meet and weekly wed night Cubana meets, say hi!

What gear are you getting?

Damn! Too late! (DA, you’re speedy today, that foot must be getting better.)

Thanks for the warm (and painfull - (Pokes and Smacks)) welcome

I’m going to be getting Alpinestar gear, either Sphere 2 piece or GPU 2 piece suits, SMX Plus boots and either GP Plus or GP2 gloves. Haven’t decided on a helmet yet as i need to try these on

hi adam welcome depends on the fit o and cash get an arai best you can get

welcome to LB, have fun spending that cash on all the gear! take it steady fella.

Congrats on passing your test and welcome to LB

About time you popped over fella. As I said earlier ‘awesome bike’. Right make and colours etc.

Your going to be grinning from ear to ear constantly dude. It feels like being on boost all the time. AWESOME!

Chat soon.


Hi and welcome to the LBs