Hi all in LB

I thought I would introduce myself as I registered here a couple of weeks ago and might start posting; didn’t want to do so without saying “hi” first.I live in south Croydon, I work in central London and commute every day by bike regardless of the weather, and that is the highlight of my day (especially the journey home!! ). I also ride most weekends for fun.

Been riding for just over 10 years, mostly on a Virago 750 but, last August, changed this for a shiny new Bandit 1250s, which I love. A week after I bought it Unity Ride '07 happened so I put myself down for that. This great day resulted in me joining a biking forum for the first time, thelondonbikers.com (TLB), where I post quite regularly.

My riding was completely changed about 3 weeks ago when I did Bikesafe at The Warren, Hayes, and as a result of that (and an incident shortly afterwards involving a lorry) I am now an associate of London Advanced Motorcyclists (had my first assessed ride with them on 17/5). This has all made me realise what a total noob I am at biking!

I look forward to exchanging views and advice and meeting people on this site in due course - if you’ll have me!! :slight_smile:

welcome aboard!

nice avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome to the mad house.

where you a member of the VSOC


welcome to LB

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

welcome to LB!:cool:

hey nice chopper err I meant avatar!! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to LB

Thanks for your welcome messages.

Ian - i never got round to joining vsoc. I had occasional contact with them and lived near their s. London coordinator in streatham vale, but never really got into the social side of biking till i got the bandit.

greetings , welcome to LB

hi And welcome


trust lou to lower the tone :w00t:

welcome mate and have fun :slight_smile:

hello and welcome


Welcome, I’m in East Croydon. Think I may have seen you, would have nodded or waved.


:)HI and welcome

Last summer we had the VSOC camped in the field at the bottom of my garden.Bleedin noisy rabble:P:D:D

Welcome to LB :cool:

Hello :smiley: