Hi all! from the latest nub in London

My name is Simon but most my mates call me Crispy, I would have chosen it as my user name but some bugger has it already. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 23, have been riding for a year back in Oz and now I’m looking at hitting up the biking scene here, as I travel around the UK. One small problem though… I don’t have a bike yet. Part of the reason I joined this site was to seek advice of other riders/owners on what bike I might be after and where to get it. My last bike was a cruiser, Yamaha VX 250. I do know I would like something bigger than a 250, but I’m not sure if I should get another cruiser or go with a sports bike. I’ll be using it for travel to and from work inside the city (London) and also riding around the country side on the weekends.

Can’t wait to hear back from you all and to hear what advise you have for me. :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome :slight_smile:

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

hi and welcome to lb


Might be worth posting up in the Q&A section too. Might get a few more looks there.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Get a Triumph Street Triple :wink: