Hi All and need help

Hi All

New to site and new to biking but have some knowledge of car mechanics hence I want to service my own bike.

I ride a Piaggio Xevo 125 2008 Euro 3 model. I am looking for new front and rear brake pads but have come across a problem of finding the right ones. I phoned a motorbike shop who asked me if the brake calipers were heng tong because this will depend on what brake pads i need. Does anyone know what brake pads i will need and / or how can i find out what brake calipers I have???

Please help help help

Welcome to LB.

The way to find out whats on your bike is to read your owners manual.

Have a look at the calipers they often say the name on them

Another option would be to pop down to Essential Rubber as they stock the large majority of calipers.


can you remove your pads do they look like any of these


Hello & welcome to LB :slight_smile: