Hi all......again!

Hello all…

I posted about 2 years ago with a photo of my self at the track in Canada.

I am a british guy, who moved to Canada 7 years ago and have been tearing up the canadian rockies on my bike for a while here’s a pic of me…attached…

Well anyways, i working Africa right now, and miss riding ALOT.

Just before i left for Djibouti, i flew past a cop back in Canada going Mach 10 and he didn’t see the bright side, neither did the judge so i lost my canadian license for a few months…

The good news is i still got my UK one so i’m coming back to england in the next couple of weeks and i’m going to rent a Gixxer and ride to Donny for the GP rnd.

I want it for a few days so i figured i might show up at one of your meets. Make me feel welcome will ya!

Sadly that nice looking Gixxer in the snap decided to go end of end in the mountains and landed in a soggy ditch, bike was Fooked and my wrist hurt for a while.

I then bought a 05, R6 to try out but unfortunatly my guardian angel hates that particluar bike cause the last 2 times i been out on one (mine and my friends) i got straight to court tickets, pass go and dont collect 200.

So now when i get back to Canada after my UK trip i’ll be getting another Slowzuki 750

Well i dont really know what else to say…apart from hello all, your welcome to add some comments and let me know where i can find some peeps to ride with for a couple of days…

Oh all my gear is in Canada, so bugger me i might have to hit up my brother for some old leathers to wear…So if i come to a meet i’ll be the guy with a nice shiney Gixxer and some old 80’s leather on

ps i had a look at your gallery just now and there’s a fantastic looking girl in some that has some funky looking hair and a little vest on…If my guardian angel treats me well, she’ll be single and at the meet If not…bugger!!!

Laters all


Great bike. What an aggressive look during cornering

Welcome to LB.

WAS a great bike…

my own fault we had been riding the mountain roads for 5 hours or so…Stopped and had some food…

I felt pretty tired after…but yet again the boys picked the pace up and like a nobber I broke one of my own rules…when the pace heats up and i’m tired don’t chase. This time however i decided to ignore that and i wish i had a picture of the after affects. Went into a decreasing left instead of tipping the bike in, like a plum i put the binders on to scrub a bit of speed. Stood it up a little and well i dont remember much after…

Now i got my race license and can crash all i want …i thought i could do some racing cheap so i bought an old ZX6R 1998 to race around, but it pisses me off too much on the straights when i get overtaken by some flash git with lots of money and a nice bike.

Anyways i’m just kind of rambling now so i’ll sign out…

sounds like u have a fair bit of fun in the northern part of the world,

where bouts in canada are you?

Hi and welcome aboard.

The city is Edmonton, province is alberta.

The guys i ride street with are pretty good racers so we have fun in the mountains…

This is the local sportbike website


very young people getting big bikes as the law of there is very lax…

The Newbie riders this year falling on their knees quicker than a 5 dollar hooker.

welcome dude

Welcome back into the fold Gixxer750 Quite a time you’ve had eh. Do say hi at our meet if you make it down!

Hi and welcome to LB

The more the merrier