HGV vs F1 car

I hope that’s not how EMC are delivering my storage arrays.

Thats seriously cool, I want to jump a lorry

Give the air ride a test out , lucky it wasn’t a scania ,it would have snapped in half …

Here’s a chap I watched jump some buses earlier

That was nasty.

He announced his retirement after that jump, he lied as did the commentators claiming he reached 90 and 100 mph.

One of the supporting stunt acts was a 70 year old man who dived belly flopped off a 75’ tower into 6" of water in a kids paddling pool :w00t:

I like The motocross guys, they do some crazy Sh1t, i think it was either robbie maddison or Travis pastrana (can’t remember) that jumped the arc de triumph and then dropped back off it about 8 years ago, that was crazy!

Yes it was robbie maddison, just Googled it


Why was the F1 car moving?

You sure that isn’t Las Vegas?:Whistling:

Crazy guys

I thought it was in Paris, lol. I just remembered the eifel tower in the background and presumed it was in France :blush:

You can’t see the Eiffel Tower from the Arc De Triomphe they’re 1½ miles of French Paris apart.

Unilke The Paris Hotel Las Vegas, where they have their very own Arc De Triomphe and Eiffel Tower right next to each other. Proper confusing for some Americans who believe the French have infringed Nevada Copyright Laws.

Only in America, land of the free and home of the brave foolish (and Hardly Able).

It also confuses poor essex boys:blush: