HG or Aplinestar boots

I’ve been riding my bike for 6 months and looking to do my A2 within couple of months.

I’ve been wearing my Tims and its time I get some decent boots…

I do plan to race in the future so hopefully the boots last that long…

Initially the plan was to buy small boots for work as they would be easy to carry but that went out the window when I was told that I could scrap them on my back pack.

I have already brought these boots from HG for £89.99 http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/shop/product_info.php/cPath/3_140/products_id/3893

But now I’m thinking that if I’m willing to buy HG boots should I be going for these ones…


As you can see both are same price… its a question of which one is better… for me as I’m looking for one which is MORE for protection and also for daily commute to work, ride outs and racing in the future.

£90 is a lot of money for a student :D:D

You’ll find they offer similar levels of protection but I would go with what fits better as thats more important.

Just wear trainers you’ll be fine!!! :smiley:

on a serious note I’d opt for alpinestars :wink:

I bought Alpine Stars boots and they are brilliant. Really comfy, very waterproof and they look cool too.

I was told that the same company both manufacture the both makes… goes with what fits best :smiley:

i prefer the alpinstars but you should go for the best fit.i had some sidis:cool: and they were very uncomfortable and give them to my brother,go for good fit.

Alpinestars - as I type this I am wearing my SMX -4’s they’re allday comfortable - BUT flippin hard to get on and off when they’re new!!

I’m a big fan of HG and have two Goretex suits and one set of leathers of theirs, but I’ve never liked their boots (or gloves for that matter!) and would go Alpinestars every time. Personal preference rules as in all kit, find out what suits you.


Good advice here…

When wearing the boots what kind of fit should I be looking for?

I would imagine that alpinestar being the more respectable brand would use a more high quality protection that HG boots?

Comfy, not too much heel lift, good to walk in. They may feel stiff to begin with but they will break in.

Vegas - what do u mean by heel lift? :blink:

I mean when your feet are on the pegs and you switch between the comfort position and the gearchange/brake position you don’t want your heel to be slipping in the boot.

I used to wear Alpinestars but found the quality isn`t as good as it used to be and i now only wear HG boots.

ahhh ok, yes was just wondering as I had initially bought Alpinestars Supertechs and though a great fit, my heel seemed to lift off the boot quite abit, so didnt feel secure as such. I was thinking maybe that was normal for that type of boot but then gave up with those and got the smx instead. so i was thinking is that what heel lift was…clearly not

i was looking at Alpinestar boots, look great, im told the quality isnt as good as it was, when i tried them on i hated them, felt like blocks on my feet.

i wear Sidi Black Rain, Gore-Tex waterproof, and excellent protction. give them a look;)