Heyyyy, im new Birdy told me about you lot , im 17 and I have a 1995 Bandit 6, Ive done most of the usual mods but moneys tight atm so its on hold .

Haven’t been to any meets yet, but hopefully will be meeting some of you soon , Also very nice site, well made.

Here is some picutres of the bike



Henry, www.Webvicious.com

Finaly u posted Welcome to LB mate so when u gona fit my new shock ill give you a tena

10 pound mate = ill be round tonight , call me

haha done deal u got work tho aint ya?

Welcome to LB

Thanks Sony.

And na mate, The gf is coming round, but I can hold her off for a hour or 2 for a 10ner

What time you get in?

haha i get in about half 6 matey but no rush im off for 2 weeks now u can always come round saturday

tonights good, i need petrol money bad saturday is car lesson ect, busy day

welcome matey!!!


lol fair nuff well i call u when to come round and u r such a lier you dont drive a bandit this is your bike

lol that bike must of bin there ages. i need to get you out with a vid cam sum time to record

yus yus if u want to pick me up that is

Will do, on a sunny dry day

hi and welcome

Hiya and welcome to LB.

Hiya, Welcome to LB. hope to see you at the newbie meet with birdy(dan)…

Hi and welcome aboard.

Aloha bro & welcome to LB