Heyyy there!

Thought I’d introduce myself to you all…

I’m Tom, originally from Swansea but now living in East London.

I am currently serving overseas with the Armed Forces. As I’m unable to waste my money on weekends out here, I’m able to save up to get myself a nice shiny bike.

I passed my theory last week and I’m currently riding around on a hired motorbike for the time being before doing my test in a few weeks time here in the Falklands. (It’s transferable to a UK Licence)

I’ve decided to jump straight onto the 600 sports bike wagon. My mates back home recon I’d get bored of anything less.

I’ve done a bit of window shopping on e-bay and MCN to see what bike I’d fancy that’s within my price range. Obviously I’d have to have a sit on a bike or two first to find out what’s comfortable for me size wise. The ZX-6R, GSXR and Daytona’s are really tickling my testicles at the moment.

I’m back in June so fingers and toes crossed for some good weather so I can hit the roads and it would be nice to meet some of you for rides on the weekends.

Hope to meet some of you soon after my 8000 mile journey back to the UK.

Welcome to LB. The Daytona is lovely, if I was buying a sportsbike that would be it. I have back issues so I couldn’t handle the riding position (I sat on one a few weeks ago), but they are truly beautiful!

Welcome to LB.

Stay safe.

Hi Tom & welcome to LB:)

Good luck on the test and we’ll all look forward to meeting you come June, fingers crossed the weather should have improved by then and their will be plenty going on for you to join in with.:wink:

Here’s a little bit of info on the meets for you :

LB has a regular Wednesday night meet at Borough Market (BM) where we hope you’ll come down and meet like minded members.


Also on a Wednesday night you’ll find LB members at the Ace Café


and Blackheath Tea Hut




Ninja all the way mate! :wink:

Mine’s a 2003 model but you’d be welcome to have a sit on it to get a feel for it when you’re back…

Welcome :slight_smile:

I would also go for the Daytona

Daytona! …droooool :smiley:

Hmm, if a lady says a Daytona, then a Daytona it may have to be :smiley:

Thank you all for the very nice welcome.

Oh and do you do the biker nod in London? Or is the arrogance of the tubes and paveways carried onto the roads?

You go for the nods … You might get tired or dizzy at times though :smiley:

Generally inside the M25 you don’t bother nodding. Don’t let it stop you if you want to, some will nod back. I think I get a few.more.on my CB1000R than I used to get.on the Vara, so maybe its more about what you ride…

yo tom. good to have you on board mate. is that you with the beard in your avatar? go for the kwaka.:slight_smile:

I’d probably give the more serious looking bikers a nod and the middle finger to the black cabs.

Haha growing a beard that long would be a good achievement for a 24 year old don’t you think?

He’s the regular hobo who hangs outside The Worlds End in Camden asking for money or ciggies.

Nice chap actually, he’s from Malta. I forget his name though. I’ll just go with Terry for now.

hi Tom & welcome :slight_smile:

Do us a favour Tom…bring some decent weather with you when you come back in June! :smiley: People won’t really bother to nod on the commute but who can blame them!

Do you really want 70mph winds and every kind of weather you can think of in one day? It might be best to leave it here…

But could you do me a favour and kindly ask the weatherman/woman to forecast us some 20+ degrees for my return pretty please?

That way I could go out for some nice long rides or visit some beer gardens during my 6 WEEKS OFF WORK!!! :w00t:

Not really…thats why I only asked for the decent weather! :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I see :hehe:

This place knows no decent weather. Even the Penguins here are freezing their tits off and complaining about the weather.

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile: