Hi, I actually live in Oz, but I love this site, hope i’m welcome! I love cafe racer bikes, and when I come to London for a holiday I will be sure to book around the bike shows!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello & welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

G’day mate…:smiley:

Don’t wory about shows, get hold of a bike (hire one) and come out riding, it’s the roads that are best.

morning, or evening in your case i think.:smiley: welcome distant Lber!

G’day mate… where about in oz are you? I’ve just come back from 11 months working out in Melbourne, loved every minute of it, just can’t convince the lady friend to move out there!!

Enjoy LB!:smiley:

Hello welcome to LB

Sunshine Coast, Qld, great spot to live, great riding roads, she’ll love the beaches!

Hello and Welcome to LB!

Hello and welcome to LB :cool:


Come soon.

welcome to LB:)

Hello. Just reading the words Sunshine Coast makes me realise how drab and boring it is sitting day after day staring at four computer screens here in london.

Welcome. I’ve just come back from there. Stayed in central Brisbane, but spent quite a few days doing routes around Mount Glorious, Somerset Dam, Kilcoy and Mount Mee etc. Loved the road from Daguillar highway up to Maleny. Fantastic roads. :smiley:

Tom - considering moving to Brisbane.

welcome to LB

Welcome to LB.

I’ve bounced back and forwards for Oz over the years. Fantastic country and some fantastic rides!

hi and welcome:D