Alreet! Just found out about this site through a mate telling me he’d seen me in a photo here so being a vain bastard I had to find it!! I’ve not had a good look around yet coz I don’t really read much but I reckon I’ve looked at ALL the photos from BSB which are mint and a few from some MX events!!! Soooo now I’m famous what’s next? When do the Bitches turn up??? … I’m gonna get stick for that aren’t I!?!

Me again! How do I get myt profile pic up next to stuff I write? … I said I was vain!


Hi and welcome aboard.

HI and welcome


You’re a funny fugger!! :w00t::stuck_out_tongue: Check out on your control panel and you will be able to see how to set up your profile. Welcome to Londonbikers ramalamadingdon :w00t::cool: Newbies ay! :wink: :smiley:


Thanks for the welcome everyone and thank you sincere for the technical advice! Still took a while though!!! I am fik! Well, … how was I supposed to know what an Avatar was?

Right, I’m off to pack my bag for Donnington! We’re loading up and setting off tonight! Maybe see some of you there! We’ve got a garage this weekend, mint!

Hello :slight_smile: