hi, was told to come in here first and say hi, so hi.

Named after Miss Bankhead I presume?:wink:

Hi and Welcome:)

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi where’s Bugsy?


Welcome to LB



Enjoy the party :smiley:

Hello and welcome. :wink:


Hi Talulah and welcome, you were out with us yesterday,were,nt you…Ive just been to your Site and joined:):):slight_smile:

if your thinking of the stunning girl on the white gixer, yup that was me!! Joined EB, not quite the same as LB, but its worth it for the rideouts!

Hey Talulah - good to meet you on sun… welcome to LB! :slight_smile:

Loved the white gixxer…

Hi Talulah

Welcome to your new home:w00t: Your profile says you joined LB in April? Whats the poop?

Welcome to the madhouse, a white gixxer eh, would that be a spanking new one then? I’ll have to look out for that, you have excellent taste!! :smiley:

Hi t I think I / u /I /u got mistaken for each other when you were out and I wernt erm I am confused nowWelcome

hehehehehe, someone did ask me if I was wiggle, i got slightly confused! I would post a picture but I have no idea how, but i am girl struggling to stop while heli skiing off piste in the picture to your left of this message, i have long blonde hair, you have short dark hair, hopefully, unless the person has a white stick and labrador and distorted hearing, we shouldn’t get mixed up again!!! :smiley:



hey Talulah.

Good to meet you on Sunday.

Sure you’ll agree it was an interesting morning.

Yup yup, brand spanker!!! Love it!

hopefuly if i am on a meet with you guys we can finaly sort the mix up lol

is yours the same as mine

Thanks for that, I like a girl who knows how to engraciate herself with the locals!! :wink: