Hey y'all what ya drinkin?

Hi all, I am braced and waiting for my Newbie prod…

I am a back seat rider who has been assured that pillion

is just as acceptable and so here I am. Have been to Ace

and Cubana and look forward to meeting everyone at the

Newbie meeting on the 2nd.


I would like a Baileys with crushed ice please


There is a newbie meet on the 2nd??



hello pillion…as long as you have fun…good on ya…enjoy

Welcome - Get yourself out on the LB Night out and ill have whatever you are buying

Hi annie, welcome to the LBs , see you on the 2nd


Welcome !

See you soon…


WElcome to LB!!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Welcome to LB

Welcome to LB

poke poke n with the SmacK newbie crutches

Hey weeannie, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures forum! Hope to see you at Cubana as well…

Welcome to lb.