Hey there!

Been recommended… Also now lived in London for a year.

Looking to having my new bike very soon, will sort out my profile at some point.

Hope you have all had a good weekend, and looks like you guys that went to France had a scream! Good stuff…

Vixen x

Welcome to LB

Hello you,

Glad you’ve come over from the dark side after all

Welcome to the family! We are a (small) friendly bunch here, you’ll have to make sure you come to one of our weekday meets so you can see what we are all about.

See you soon sweetie xx

Thanks Grim Busa… And yeah Lustfish, I see the light ahead

Will make put in an attendance, will have some temporary transport very soon Some little CB500 I hope to zip about on

See you soon xxxx

Hello from another newbie!


hey and welcome

welcome to the site

Thanks for the welcome guys Hope you all had a good weekend, I know I did looking for insurance quotes etc for my ‘possibly soon to be on the road’ bike.

Be so good to be in the saddle again. <sigh>.

ello, and enjoy

Welcome to London Bikers

Hello & Welcome