Hey There

Well hello everyone,

I live in Surrey and have been on the biking scene since I was little. I currently do not own my own bike but enjoy being a pillion just as much. My not until now boyfriend with whom I used to be a regular pillion has since ditched me so you can say I’m riderless ! Any offers for anyone who is interested in a good pillion (so I’ve been told . . !!lol ) are more than welcome !!

Looking forward to meeting you and my card’s behind the bar for any who want a drink, just make sure you make it a strong one !!

All the best and safe and happy riding,

Trinity xxx

Welcome to LB

Sorry already got a queue for pillion

Welcome to LB…

Theres always someone that will come forward for Rideouts and Meets…

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hey Trinity, welcome to LB! I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of offers.

Hey Trinity

Welcome to the London Bikers. It’s a decent bunch of people here so Im sure you’ll get hooked up with a ride no problem


Thanks guys, looking forward to getting together out on a ride soon.

T xxx

welcometo LB.

Hi and welcome to LBs


hiya n welcome


hey ya


Hi ya… welcome