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Thought i ought to pop in and say hello. Have always wanted to ride - always stared and though “What If …”! Took the plunge and passed my DAS last year (July). Have only just been able to sort the funds out for a bike, so just as soon as i sell my car, the bike will arrive.

Looking at getting a GSXR 750 K1 (2001). Any advice guys ??? what should i look for when buying, test riding etc.

Finally bought my helmet at ExCel this weekend. Got jacket and gloves. So nearly ready to go!

Thanks in advance,


Hi and welcome to LB

I’ve not been riding long myself (4 months) so I’m afraid I’m not really much help with advice on bike buying!! Good luck though and let us know what you get.

hi there and welcome to LB even if you havent got a bike try and get youself down to the newbie meet at the ace cafe tonight

and once again welcome to LB

Hi and welcome to LB

i have a k4-k5 GSXR 750

How much do you have to spend…

Basic rules get the lowest miles you can with a full service history…

gixer 750’s are very reliable bike not to many known problems.

hi chris, welcome.

Don’t buy a bike you think you like or have been told is the best bike on the planet.

Go to a dealers, wave some cash about and take a few different bikes for a test ride to see what is right for you.

You will most likely drop or crash the bugger within the first year, so be prepared spend large amounts of cash to sit on ebay waiting for the right parts to appear.

Many newbies opt for naked bikes for this reason.

Get yourself some further training as DAS doesn’t teach you much in how to deal with real world riding situations (like cornering). Bikesafe is very good. Don’t be put off by the coppers, they’ll be faster than you and show you too.

Erm, that’s about it for now but others will be able to advise.

Oh yeah, spend more money on protective clothing and security (Almax chain) than on the performance parts that look all nice and shiny but will be useless for next 5 - 10 years

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Dont listen to AfroR1, not everyone drops or crashes their bike, although its very likely!

Im the wrong person to ask for advice, I buy bikes off the net and wait for them to arrive, lol

Best thing to do is read reviews for the year of the bike your after have some test rides, best not to ask people

who have one what its like, as they would be biased, lol

To be honest your first ride on a sportsbike might be a bit nervy and hesitant,

and slightly scary, you get used to it after a while, lol

Hello and welcome… Glad you have found a bike you like, just be very careful on that sort of bike as they are incredibly fast and you need some experience to know how to handle something like that, maybe go for a 600 rather than opt straight for a speed demon…

What ever you decide have fun and keep it rubber side down…

There are only two types of riders mate…You either have, or will.

Still…Just test as many bikes as you can…

I chose a sports bike as a first ride and it was right for me.

hi mate

so you havent riden before
r u sure gixer 750 is a good starter bike?
of course the looks r absolutly fenomenal but isnt it a bit too pwerfull

maybe not i just hope u r sensible

remember take slow steps at the begining and always wear protective gear

one more thing ALWAYS ALWAYS have fun…

Love the look of the bike, thats one BIG point. Due to the size of me, (Being 6ft 3, and 18 Stone), i was told by many people that a 750 would suit me better than a 600. Someone else also mentioned the 750 shares the bigger frame with the 1000 as opposed to the smaller 600 frame (2001). Feel a lot more happy sitting on a larger bike that suits me and my size, as opposed to a smaller frame, and feeling more vunerable (Like i am clinging on to something too small for me!!)

I think i have written it down properly!

The Gixxer 750 has (as far as I know) always used the 600 frame and most of the components from the 600 bike…

The engine is actually the pretty similar physical size as the 600s, but with each cylinder bored out to an extra 37.5 cc.

Thats why some racers that were up for cheating chose the Gixxer 600 because it was possible to put the 750 block in the frame without too much attention.

“Yeah, the engine is tuned”

I’ll say

Afro, you sound like my mum, lol.

Well if ya ride an R1 and do wheelies everywhere you have a higher propensity to fall off, lol

Im not saying that I will never have an accident, just saying I have met many riders, normally instructors who after 30+ years of riding have never had an accident, either that or they are lying, lol

But like Afro says, for me my first bike was a sports bike, and ive never looked back, just ride a few different types, you will know whats right for you the moment you sit on it.

Sports bikes rule

I think it’s important to get a bike you actually like and want to ride. Nuff said

get a nice gsx 1400

I second that and welcome to the site.

As somebody said above, be carefull with others opinions or you will end up with a bike that isnt for you.

Mate you quoted the wrong person…

And I really hope I don’t sound like yo mum cos when you were young she must have beat you bad man

Like Wolfie says…You gotta get a bike that you like…I’m not saying sports are bad…Completely opposite.

They do everything well…Brake…Go round corners (I still have some difficulty here :laugh, go fast…I like the fact that the bike is better than me and it is so capable…BUT

Some people can get intimidated by this and scare themselves so all I’m saying is try before you buy and keep get some extra training because when you start to get ****y and take things for granted…Bad things can happen.

Oh yeah mate…I know a guy that has been riding 35 years and has had 30 accidents

He’s a good rider now.


welcome to the site

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