Hey Moderators !!!!

It could be worse guys and girl

We could all be like this little fluffy chinned keyboard warrior. But we’re not. Chins up :slight_smile: Feel the love from your forum :rolleyes:


Sorry but the guy is too iritating! Only managed to watch the first 10 seconds! :hehe:

You got all the way up to 10 seconds!! I only managed 7!!

How old is that! he looks like Flats! :smiley:

Uploaded on Jan 20, 2012

Well besides of that guy have maners of caveman, I wouldn’t talk with full mouth with myself not to mention open public, I believe he is victim of stress-free upbringing.
And yes, 10-15 sec of that vid is enough to ban him…


Crickey, if you we’re all like him, I’d have never accepted the gig!

How have we gone from the caveman to technology like this, building great motorways and vehicle to travel on them back to him. Eating habit’s of a pig so as soon as I saw that I’m afraid I was done.:blush:

Yeah, couldn’t get passed the mouth full of food! I’m afraid I would of bitch slapped the little fecker if he was in my face :smiley:

take away his oxygen card

And his paint charts.:smiley:

Almost as much of a tosser as this guy: