Hey im a newbie!

Hi all,

I joined LB today after going to the meet up at borough, Had a great time meeting some of the guys and gals. I ride an R1, and has some tasteful mods, Like some of the bike I saw last night, very cool.

Look forwards to meeting more of you on the next trip.

All the best


Hi Joey, welcome to LB

nice looking bike

Hey thanks for that.

I try to keep it clean. Lol

welcome to LB joey!

Thank you Adam.

hi and welcome to LB. Lovely bike

You know something I couldnt agree more, My bike is lovely.

I guess il seen you about sometime.


Welcome to LB

Bike looks great but couldn’t you find a colour matched topbox? That green one is an eyesore, and that’s coming from a BMW owner!

Welcome to the londonbiker community.

SheWoolf was you at the Borough meet last night???

You look familiar!

Ha Ha, Yeah i paid a fortune to have my pic taken next to that bin cheeky. Il re-think next time.


Welcome to LB

Thank you Gilly.

Joey x

I certainly was. Did we meet?

Being new I kept slightly out the way but I was with Stewboy outside the sausage roll place!!! I think you were near also.

Or not!!!

I was fully kitted Arlen ness grey, black and white one piece!!!, I left pretty early around 20:20 hrs.

ah, did you witness my friend oggling, lol

Nah I cant say that I did, I was more interested in keeping an eye on the drunk guy about to fall on my bike. aahhh!!!

Were you in black and red?

ahh missed ya last night, got there late!

Had to leave early g/f had my dinner on the go! But had an awesome ride back with another R1 rider, Gr8 blast on the A13. He was a gr8 rider, But I eventually shook him off. Just!