Hey Hey

Hey i have been on here for some time but just started using it so thought would say elooooo

this is my my bike atm :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile: :smiley:

Welcome felllow Birder,

you should of got the faster black one:D only kidding

Nice bike.:slight_smile:

thanks to you both

and i have a black seating cowl waiting to put on will that give me more BHP lol

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello to you and thanks

well hello there my wonderful xxx

Hey my world :)xxxx

Hi Dan,

Noticed your my age yet you have an old mans bike, WTF!:slight_smile:

It aint a old mans bike i am bringing it back lol

i am proberly the youngest owner of a blackbird tho :slight_smile:

I got it as always wanted one as a kid and finally had enought money to buy one when my ZZR was packing up so thought what the hell…

Plus i aint havent finished doing it up yet gona do a few bits here and there make it awesome :smiley:

lol:D:D its balls you need to Ride a Bird, not age:D:D:hehe:

no, balls is jumping off a cliff with your eyes closed…

Blackbird is…errrrrrrr…:smiley:

why would you close your eyes… if i was to do a base jump would want to experience every minuite of it to the fullest like eating a stuff crust pizza you cant not eat the stuffed crust defeats the object :slight_smile:

Hi Dan & Welcome To London Bikers,

Hope You Enjoy Your Stay

Welcome to LB Dan :slight_smile: