hey guyslb newcomer

hi guys new to the forum i know a few of the faces, regular at ace and should be going to borough tonight, after stacking my ninja i am now looking for a new one, so hopefully soon i will be back on road.

see you around.

Hey, sori to here about the bike.

Welcome to LB!!

hiya welcome to LB hope you get sorted soon

hey and welcome!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hey, Hey… Welcome to LB!!

Hey, welcome to LB!

Welcome to the party

hey hope you get a new bike soon, welcome yo lb.

Hi and Welcome

Hiya, Welcome to LB.

welcome to lb

sorry to hear that you stacked ur ninja hope u wasn`t hurt m8ty

had a m8 stack his ninja front fliped it on the brakes an it cartwheeled 60ft in the air smashed into a million bits an he smashed his collorbone not good