Hey guys!.....

Hi its me,for those that met me at the summer bash i hope your all doing fine!.

Its me Claire…I can see some of you have been enjoying my pics a lot. (maybe to much! )

Hope to see all you old faces and new ones at the Summer Bash part 2!.

Hey Claire, welcome to LB! I would say post up a picture of your bike normally, but there’s pictures in the gallery! Look forward to Summer Bash #2! See you then.


welcome suzi…

Hiya Suzi, welcome to LB … think you’ve already had a warm welcome as it is though !!

Hi claire, good to hear from you again, wont be able to catch up on the summer trip, but should see you on the french trip??

welcome claire , if i dont see you on the summer trip ill deffentley see you on the france trip

Welcome to LB Suzi… Hope to catch out and about sometime…