Hey Guys!

Finally got my arse in gear and registered. I’ve seen most of you about as I was at Waterloo the other nite and at the Ace last Friday.

Must admit I feel more at home amongst the REAL bike owners. Had to put up with the mountain bikers on CaptnMoto’s forum (I’ll get s**t for that off the Captn I’m sure).

Hope you’re all comin on the Hastings run from Rykas on Friday!!

Hey fella, welcome to LB The site at least! Hope to see you this Wednesday at Cubana again! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Videos forum if you haven’t already!

hello there…

i did not get to meet you last week - sure i will this week but welcome…

Hello Dan, good to see you…

Welcome to LB. I couldn’t make Waterloo either as I was off to the race track. Hopefully meet up soon. Enjoy the forum.


I didn’t know you were on here as well!! Nice to see some familiar faces/ bikes!

Ahem! What are you doing in the Sportsbike section? Pink mountain bikes in the mountain bike section please!! LOL

Thanks for the welcome. As I don’t know what most of you ride, I’m on the silver '02 R1 with the Blue Flame pipe. Come and say hello. I’ll be there on Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll get served this time!!!

Dan I only popped in here to say hello to you, Ok I am off to the mountain bike section. Take care and speak to you soon…

Welcome mate. Good to see you at Waterloo last week, really must get out for a ride with you and check out your flickability

Asbof**kinglutely! I’m up for a bit of police outrun action after reading the little story in the ‘general’ section. Especially after the last Waterloo meet where I nearly rearended one Panda car and promtly went and did some kneedown action right in front of a Plod Range Rover.

You’ll never get me alive Coppa!!!

Oh yeah, and another thing!

How dare you nick my avtar. I though it was me posting me for a minute, very confusing.

Dan dribbled

“How dare you nick my avtar. I though it was me posting me for a minute, very confusing”

Oi cheeky monkey… that’s the one i’ve had for ages… i just put it in the gallery when I set up www.flickability.com but I’ve been banned now as I have an opinion that doesn’t reflect that of the (poor) management anyway not much fun just talking to one guy with 50 alter ego’s is it

Bloody Hell! There’s a banning every minute these days. What do they call it when you have an opinion and it’s quashed? He he he he.

SORRY! Didn’t realise that was your avtar. I’ll just stick with the piccie of the Ard 1 then.

You comin out on Wednesday and Friday?

“You comin out on Wednesday and Friday?”

Nah not out tonight I’m afraid; other commitments etc. At the mo Friday is looking very unlikely tbh. Maybe out next week and poss b/h Monday

Hi ya

just wanted to say it was cool meeting you last night =

Likewise! Thanks again for the drink, was very kind of you.

Hopefully we’ll get to meet your bike as well next time! Out of interest, what’s the top speed on a baby CBR?

Oh come on BIG D. Don’t let me down on Friday!! Was really looking forward to havin’ a good blast wiv ya. It’s gonna be a good day, I can feel it in me water!

Soz dude, really no can do 2moz prior commitments… Plus not entirely keen the Company tbh (no i don’t mean you… )

I understand! Give us a shout next time your off up to Silverstone or even for the MK run. I’m free most of the time at the moment!