Hey everyone

I joined the LondonBiker’s ride out to the Southend Shakedown today and figured I might as well start posting here. I was the guy on the white Ninja 300 sporting the blue RST leathers (and generally blue everything) with the mohawk on my helmet, if anyone recalls. I almost rode off into the abyss when everyone was stopping to regroup before the last couple of miles to southend. I was wondering why people were flapping their arms at me and yelling :pinch:

Anyway, I’ve been a member of other forums for a long time but I already sorta feel more involved with this one since the ride out today. I ended up tagging along because I know one of the fellas from this forum personally and was following him today. It was the first proper ride out I’ve been on and I hope to come to more of them. You guys are well organized and that helped me figure out the corner man system pretty quickly, despite never actually having to hold a corner until the ride back (everyone kept overtaking me lmao). I don’t do a lot of twisties or long rides so it was all pretty new to me, some of you lot are proper fast which is quite admirable tbh. Although a few of you pegged it past me easily in the triple digits which made me jump out of my skin haha.

Right that’s enough waffling. What I’m trying to say is I’m looking forward to my stay on this forum after having a great day out. :smiley:

Welcome Meef.:slight_smile:

Welcome, good day outside glad you enjoyed

Welcome to LB

Organised :ermm:

You should join us on a good day

I think Mr G was the fastest out there today, taking advantage of the long straight that forms the top of the Hanningfied Dam. A very impressive and verified 61 mph (with curried bean tail winds).

Welcome along, always good to get new members on rideouts.

I may try and organise a rideout to Finchingfield soon if you are interested. Its not a long day like yesterday, only a couple of hours saddle time but the roads are great and there are plenty of twisties to get used too.
Its a regular route LB use so its good to go on as you learn the roads easily and then everytime you go on it you know how to ride it and you get more enjoyment each time.

Thanks for the welcome guys. Yeah that does sound interesting! I’ll have to check when my deadlines are for uni cause I’m swamped with assignments right now and the end of this month is about the time everything’s due in.

If I can make it I’ll let you all know :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Yep I think I recall the mohawk lid lol :smiley: Definitely join us on the Finchingfield route if you can, it was my first ride out back on the 125 and I enjoy it still. Plus you get to be a proper a ponce and have tea and cakes at the end of the route haha!

Wilst sitting on the Village green looking at the Duck Pond :smiley:

Welcome mate, it was nice to meet you, my CBF500 had also troubles keeping up :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s not the about to get there first is it??

Hahaha that finchingfield ride out is starting to sound like my cup of tea! lol sorry that was a terrible pun.

Yeah WildBoy that is true :stuck_out_tongue: was trying to pace myself so I didn’t end up in a bush.

Although in spite of those efforts to stay on both wheels all the time, at one point a pheasant decided to fly right out infront of my bike causing me to do a sudden swerve to avoid it which was unnerving to say the least!


Not ending up in a bush tends to be the general aim of any rideout. Car parks seem to be the more common place to have a lie down…

Look forward seeing you out on a ride.

Welcome to the LB family

Welcome buddy :slight_smile: