Hey everyone...I need some advice...

Hey there, I’m new to this so bear with me. Today I met up for the first time in borough market with the guys and I had a smashing time listening to their conversations and I’m barely waiting for the next one so hopefully this weather ought to keep up for a change and I’ll be there next week.

I have heard that there’s newbies night at ace café so I’ll definitely will be there on the 5th and look forward to seeing some of you guys but before then I’d like some advice on touring or riding around events. I am driving a 125cc Yamaha Dragstar and wondering how the rides are organised and managed as my one is a small sized bike therefore the speed is going to be fairly slow? Post some links if you can as there’s so many in this website that I’m getting lost at times.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome, look in the rideout section and look out for 125 friendly rideouts, Tim R (aka The Vicar )is your man.:slight_smile:

Newbie night is a hoot. Rock up willing to be propositioned by arbitary biker chicks. Don`t come till you have a day or two to recover from the cookies and stories of boils and quimsies.

Once you figure out they are bullshitters you will be welcome:D

Hey there again,
thanks for that I did try to check in the ride outs section but all I see is galleries with pics. We’ll try to check back tomorrow eve.

As for newbies night sounds the nuts and hopefully I shall see you there too. This might just become 2nd home for me, we’ll see how the chicks pull it off.

Welcome to LB! :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB:D

Thanks guys

J’05’H wondering whether I met you in borough Market on wed eve?

You need to look at ‘Ride Outs’ in Forums, not in Galleries!!! :smiley:

Thanks a million, got it now

You did ! you did! Glad you made it on here! did you get home safely that evening? hope to see you again soon x

I made it just…went through a red traffic light though, came too fast (with a bloody 125cc, imagine that) still learning and that will serve as a solid remainder. How about you, did you guys rode off to the cafe or you went home? I hope I shall see you on the newbies night on the 5th of July, we need you to fu** some sense into some youngsters, inexperienced individuals, probably coming week too if sunshine’s on our head.

Hi and welcome. :smiley:

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome to LB :smiley: