Hey all :)

Been ages since ive been on here again… Sure ive missed out on loads??

Hope everyone is all good. Have a great Christmas and blinding New Year :slight_smile:

See you soon :wink:

Loha! :slight_smile:

Howdy and merry crimbo :slight_smile:

Have a good Christmas Stacey, hope to see you soon:)

cheers Stacy, you have a good one too :slight_smile:

no one here knows who you are, its standard practice to introduce yourself first in the newbie section before you go all out in general…

Your such a get sometimes…Nice to see you back Stace…:smiley:

Long time stacey :), have a good Christmas

Hi Stacey, hope all well and have a good Christmas :slight_smile: Maybe see you at the Ace sometime! H

Sorry what did you say? :smiley:

How you doing Stace? Not seen you at the Ace in a long time.