hey all

hey there ppl,

im ian aka squeaky cause of my alpine * boots squeaking all the time and for other reasons lol

i ride most fridays with the awolstunt guys and girls and id just thought id say hi.

welcome Ian

they say that squeeky boots means you havent paid for them yet !

very true but i have … so does a squeaky bed mean i havent paid for that yet or im just jumping on it too hard???

lol i had the same problem with mine and used WD40 but the squeaks are back again.


Hey Squeaky, welcome to LB mate! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum! I find WD40 does my AS boots fine as well…

hasnt your mum told you not to jump on your bed young man ??

welcome squeeky

Hi and welcome to LBs, maybe meet you at the next newbie meet on the 2nd Oct at the Ace.


Welcome fellow squeakey, we never wanted to be stealth assassins, so what the hell.

Welcome Squeaky… i squeak too ( well my boots do )

What the bed or ya boots

lol yep my mum told me not to jump on the bed lol !!!

im always down the ace might be down the ace tonight and def friday

im always wearing my awol hoodie lol


Welcome to the clan pal,

See ya down the road sometime and get yerself off to our Newbie night at the Ace on the 2nd. There is also Cubana on Wednesdays and plenty of rideouts too - Flatout has one going to Portsmouth:


Keep it rubber side down fella.


welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



PS. whats the name of the little pooch that you guys ride with? Last time i was up at the ace I saw it in the tank bag!!!

welcome Squeaky!

Welcome to LB

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches


Welcome mate…my boots use to squeak alot mainly cos of the water they were subjected to. Cleaned and restored with nikwax and then sprayed a bit of wd40 on the joints and let it settle…problem solved…

i think its name is beeker but also known as stunt dog i will be down ace tonight if it dont bloody rain lol