Hey all!

Just popping in to say hi… another damn newbie having an early 30’s crisis so went and did my DAS and got an SV650s when my scooter got nicked at christmas!!! Stop laughing!!! It’s all fun so far!

Anyway the virtual card is behind the bar… it’s not a corporate so don’t bash it too much and hope to meet some of you nice folks in the future.

I reckon all the bikers in London who nod must be from round these parts? there are a load of miserable feckers who don’t though!

Hello and welcome…


Nod? In London? Are you mad?

In any case, can’t nod, as my neck’s sore from all that nodding I did this weekend in Bucks & Herts! I bet car drivers thought I was head banging to some seriously dodgy music.

Welcome to LB, Captain! If it’s an inspection you’ve got in mind, my bike’s got to be the shiniest!

I’ll just have another glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo if I may.

welcome to LB mate

hi ya,

welcome to LB…

Bonjour and willkommen, asseyez vous and mine’s a diet coke no ice.

tara chuck!


Brace up and show the movement!

Hello and welcome mate. Nothing wrong with an SV so I am not going to laugh, after all, its what I race. I shall have a virtual drink with you.

Hello captain slack, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum so we can recognise you! Hope to see you tonight at the Cubana/Waterloo meet!

Thanks for the welcomes!

Don’t have a pic at work but I’m on a black Y reg SV650, black Furygan jacket, black helmet, black trousers, black boots… all stealthed up!

You won’t miss me though… I’ll have “nervous newbie” written all over me!

will you be joining us at cubana tonight then?

Hi and Welcome To LB

Welcome Cap Slac ill have a JD and coke, you’ll get poke with a sharp stick we’ll all laugh and have fun at LB.com