Hey all - new bike new forum

Hi everyone, I’ve been living in London and riding for about a year and a half, occasionally getting out of town.

The last 18 months have been a revelation - I’m a devout petrolhead and used to do alot of stuff with cars. But I’m now enjoying riding so much I can’t imagine going back to 4 wheels any time soon! I learnt alot on my first bike (06 aprilia pegaso) but have recently outgrown it and last weekend bought a nice new black kwak er6-f:D!!

Well, actually I pick it up on wednesday night and I can’t remember time passing this slowly since I was a kid!

Anyway this forum seems awesome - I’m looking forward to meeting some of you and hopefully going for some rides soon!



welcome to LB mate hope you enjoy your new bike, stick a pic in the members bikes section :slight_smile:

ER6 F I was looking at them

Enjoy it, waiting for some pics


Hi and welcome aboard.


Hello and welcome to LB:D

hello and welcome

Welcome to LB come on in and enjoy.

hey there, am new to this forum too and as I recently (about 4 weeks ago) got my new baby I know just how you feel :slight_smile: good luck with it - enjoy

welcome to LB