hey all. hows ya all doin?

hey people very cool site

hi my names richard and i come from colchester, your site was recomended to me by some 1 that i know and have been on here nearly every day scence,

i just started riding this year have myself a zzr600 ,told i had to have somthing Sensible, dont think the theroy has really worked with that 1 as i have all ready ended up goin through a hedge at about 50mph along the A12 shame the bike was fine would of been a good excuse to get my dream gsxr 750 in black

anyway hello and hope to meet some of you soon, will be goin down to the ace cafe on sunday see ya there

hello and welcome rich


Hi- Yep you gotta watch those hedges


hey there, welcome to the site! hope to see ya very soon!

Hi and welcome to LBs, don’t you just hate it when them hedges jump out on you


Hi & welcome

G’day and welcome to LB from one Rich to another…

Welcome to LB mate, pull up a chair - see you at the newbie meet?


welcome dude

matt you be me to it

welcome to LB mate if you can pop yourself down to the newbie meet see link


a12…MMmmmmm…lovly road…MMMMMmmmmmm…lolol

welcome fellow nutter!!!


Welcome to LB, maybe ill see you down the Ace on 4/12 for the newbie meet

Poke poke with da newbie stick

Enjoy the site
Da Artist

welcome newbee Richard

Yep, hedges can bite, as I’m sure “You’ll find me in a …” will avow to.

So now to business. Ready for this? Brace yourself, here goes!

Turn key, press button, warmed up, lovely! Ah. Cough, cough, splutter. splut. Bugger, ran out of petrol, the tank on this bloody stick’s rubbish! Oh well, you got away with just ONE poking from Da Artist. This time…