Does anyone still do the runs to Heston on Fri nights?? It used to be a good laugh, but as with Beckton and Staples Corner more and more people with cars stickered’ up like an F1 motor kept turning up hand-braking and all the like, and as we all know cars and bikes don’t mix…

i can remeber doing the heston to chelsea run on a friday night, think it has all died out now,

but i am not certain?

when u say Heston…do you mean Stockley Park - the double roundabout with the REALLY nasty dip in the road?

Yeah, I believe it was near Stockley Park …still might be worth a visit sometime.

or do you mean heston services then up the motorway to chelsea?

Many moons ago it used to be Chelsea Bridge then off to Heston services. Have a tea in the reastaurant overlooking carpark and watching mayhem on LC’s and GS’s etc. Then they put speed bumps in the car park