he's gonna kill me for this


just wanted to point out that Da Artist is back on site…

Hope the healing’s going well DA, all the best with body & bike recovery…

Yeah your right im gonna kill you when I see you AJ

I was going to post a THANK YOU thread to all the LB crew who signed my card and wrote on the post it was a big help, well im back after just under a month in hospital, have started ordering parts for my baby already, my ankles on the mendish, im still smiling (for some dumb reason, im sure god wants me dead) and I have the best picx to show you, just need to get the off my phone and uploaded here.


oh bikes in the garage shes to ugly to be put back in my bedroom

welcome back

Welcome back mate - hope the healing process continues along nicely and good luck with repairs to your baby. Let us know how you get on.

Glad your back, time for some real food after a month of crap hospital grub.

Hey don’t insult hospital food its what im used to real food just doesn’t taste right anymore

I want to go back I got breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed they changed my bed everyday I had a TV and Xbox for a while and you get free drugs lol plus 3 of the nurses weren’t to bad

Welcome back, hope you’re on the mend

And hes back with a sense of humour.

Nice 1 D.A. Glad to hear you’re back.

“you get free drugs lol plus 3 of the nurses weren’t to bad”

Was that opinion formed before or after all these free drugs kicked in ??

“There are only two certainties in life, Death and Nurses” . . . . David Coulthard

Good to hear your on the mend mate!!

Hey welcome back dude - good to see you’re on the mend

Welcome back D.A.

welcome back

Welcome back man!

welcome back mate

Thanks its nice to be back

kao5 Only one nurse still looked good as the drugs wore off, plus she likes bikes so I thought it only right to leave with her number

so when you bringing her down to cubana then and is she single

Good work man!

Mend soon, and get back out to see us all.