Hertfordshire to Earls Court

Need to travel to Earl’s Court from Hertfordshire (off of A10) for the next month Monday to Friday during rush hour :roll_eyes:

I know a route but wondered if anyone knows a decent(ish) route that’s not gonna be hurrendously snarled up with traffic in rush hour

A10 to A503, through Camden A40 to first roundabout and past Westfield. Used to do it every day, the A40 stretch to the flyover can get a bit snarly. But the bus lanes are usually empty.

Yea I was thinking that way as the bus lanes alternatively was considering a10, a406, m4 :thinking:

You’ll be with the traffic on the M4/A4 that way.

With bus lanes, make sure that they are ok for motorcycles.  If they are, they will have the motorcycle symbol. Not all bus lanes allow motorcycles, and you wouldn’t want to get stung with fine that would cost you more than the mini cab fare for the same journey.

A503 and A40 are OK for mo’cycles.

Sure I can read the road signs but thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Take the work bike …

I wish, not permanently attached to the Bike unit at the moment as had a promotion :sob:

However means I can pick and choose the better weather days to ride :innocent:

Shame as its what you went in for but congrats on Promotion. Keep the good work up .

Yep, concur congratulations on the promotion.

Cheers, but short term pain (a year :flushed:) long term gain etc